Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Chasing Greedo

Chasing Greedo 5 Episodes

Chasing Greedo 5th Shot (w/ Brett Murray)

This week on Greedo we answer your questions with our guest Brett Murray.

 Chasing Greedo 4th Shot: Bat​-​Shot

In this week's ep Chris gets a bit Batty with the show!!

 Chasing Greedo: 3rd Shots A Charm

In this week's episode Christopher tells us about spreading podcasting wings, A story from the filming of Get Greedo, and a lot of fan film love from Korey.

Chasing Greedo: 2nd Shot​!​!

In this episode we catch up on the progress of Get Greedo and Chris Blow's Korey's mind!!!

Chasing Greedo: 1st Shot

In this first shot you get introduced to The Chasing Greedo boys!!

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