Friday, 21 December 2012

Dicks N' Cider

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Pod Squatting Part 02

Released: December 20, 2012      By: Dicks N' Cider Show

Podcast Show #86 in this show we take a drive down to Indiana to squat with the Garagecast Podcast ( ) were we recorded the whole ride down there as well as the first few hours when we got there. We decided that the garage was not holding enough beer so we made a quick trip to fill a basket with $141.41 and dog treats. We stopped a few local places on the way back to the garage, and had even more fun. When we finally got back to the garage to podcast we got everything set up and as usual, the internet wasn't working quite right. Damn Haunted Garage.! It took a bit to get the ball rolling, but we were able to start about 9:45pm and about a some time during the first 2 hours the garage corrupted the first 2hrs of the show. we recorded for about 6hrs that night and had a blast. Since there are some missing bits, we decided to split the podcast up into parts. Part 01 can be found at or on, or iTunes, or Stitcher. We are hosting Part 02 and we will be flopping back and forth until all the fun is used up. We also included a bit of the ride down there and some of the pre show stuff too. We hope you enjoy!

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