Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dicks N' Cider

Church Of Dicks N' Cider

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This week we are posting another fun time we had while at Casa De Six. In this Podcast, for some reason Ice goes off on Religion.....wait, no the bible and it's writer, or should I say writers. The Chief entertains us all, while his wife seems to entertain him. Six brings up some more great conversation starters, that lead to real life TSA crap and the floating shit barge. Laughs pursue, and we wrap up the Casa De Six stuff here. Make sure to check out as well as hit up and listen to all the great shows there as well. A lot of new ones added recently, so many so that we may just cover every Greek myth. Thanks again for listening, and watch for the new shows coming with a new and more improved sound. 

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