Friday, 15 March 2013

MOVIEcomm Ep15 - Raiders of The Lost Ark

Episode FITHTEEN - Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981)


Episode #15 of MOVIEcomm : Your Alternative Movie Commentary Podcast. with Marcus @MHWebwizard and Co Host Ash @ConfusedasFARK 

The Two sit down this Episode the boys go for another Harrison Ford Classic Movie. They watch the 1981 Adventure Movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

So Enjoy the Guys as they sit down, drink booze and watch Indy get his whip out!

Listen along as a simple Podcast packed with Movie banter, Trivia and entertaining discussion or you can Listen along as an Alternative Movie Commentary and watch the Movie as we watch it. Experience a New Type of Commentary with the MOVIEcomm Crew.  

Let us know what you thought. What MOVIEcomm's would you like to hear in the Future. 
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