Wednesday, 17 April 2013


CanucKast 106: Villains in Vegas and the Science of Persuasion!

Step 1: To be classy do up the top button of your goddam shirt!  This show has chicken, x-ray specs and car chases, who could ask for more!?  (Don’t answer that!)
You know what? Even though it didn’t hit its KickStartering Needs we still beleive in J and his E.L.E Project!!  So this episode is brought to you by 7DaysAGeek’s comic project!
For the first part of the show the lads add a section from the way back machine when ALPD was still labelled as Punch Drunk Love and the Lads consider being the villains of the Pod Gods Network, because in real life cheaters always prosper!
Our Pool in Vegas!
Our pool in Vegas!
For the 2nd part of the show the Lads drive around at night, get in a car chase and talk about the stuff they bought out of the backs of comic books as kids!
X-Ray Specs

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