Thursday, 7 March 2013

Random Variety Show

Divided By Zero

Our guest this episode Nick Gauss chats with Groucho about how he and his friends created the podcast Divided by Zero, his web comic Black Sock his experience as a parent, plus a little bit of how he and our previous guest Brian Sparks (S01 E20) became friends!
Follow Nick on Twitter! Listen to his podcast Divided by Zero on iTunes and be sure to check in on his web comic.
For this episode’s Random Segment we have with us in studio Rebecca Seubert Miller from S01 E21 stating her response to the random segment of last episode! Better know the word Mobius Strip to appreciate this! Plus Charley announces some BIG NEWS!
Quote of the episode:
NICK: “My favorite is never when a show goes absolutely perfect.  We had my friend Jeremy on who actually writes the comic strip that I do … but he was on and he was pretty self conscience and he made the mistake that we did recording our first episode and got just belligerently drunk so I kind of revel in the chaos that happens when something goes crazy.
GROUCHO: So when everything goes against the norm.
NICK: Yeah. I like to see how far it will go and if we can ever rein it back in.”
**Mr. Marx appears courtesy of the chaotic prattle and vibrations of Mr. Miller’s larynx, and the marvelous wizardry of the Internet

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